Terms of Use


1- Terms Of Use here.

Please be aware of the terms and conditions before using the smilelo.com website.

  1. No pornographic pictures / videos / posts will be provided. Any such post will be deleted and the member's account may be suspended.
  2. Anti-government pictures, videos or posts cannot be provided. Members are responsible for complying with all applicable laws when uploading posts, photos, videos. The smilelo Authority is not responsible if the content of your post, photos, videos is illegal and contains false information.
  3. If a member violates any law of the country or commits a criminal offense through his post, photo or video, and if the law enforcement authorities want information about his account, the smilelo Authority will assist the law enforcement agency with any information related to the account.
  4. There may be links or references to other websites ('third-party websites') in life. smilelo.com will not be responsible for any content on third party websites. Third party websites are not investigated or monitored. The moment a user leaves smilelo.com and enters a third party site, the user remains at his / her own risk.
  5. No post will be given to any religion
  6. No fack referenced when referring

Referral Bonus:

  • The bonus received by referring others is called a referral bonus. A member can receive this bonus through the lifetime of others by inviting them with a referral link. The balance can be seen on the My Affiliates page. There is no specific limit for this referral income. With a minimum of $20, a member will be able to withdraw his referral income through Vikas or PayPal. Bonus can be withdrawn from the payment page.
  • It is prohibited to open your own account or to open a faked / fake account through your referral link. Anyone who does such activities may have their referral bonus terminated or their account suspended. The Anti-Fraud Team monitors and detects such fraudulent activities.
  • Activity Bonus:

  • 5 points for writing articles, 5 points for uploading a product, 3 points for comment and 2 points for likes / reactions. Points are automatically converted to dollars and added to Wallet Balance. Only dollars can be added with this dollar. Cannot be lifted but can be transferred to someone
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